Check your earnings

Use this link when you advertise the service. You will get 50% referrer fee of the payments.


If you spread the word about our service and users register after clicking on your affiliate link, you will see their unique BTC address in this list. Please check payment details for your affiliates here. We thank you for your work by sending  50% of the referral payments  to you at the end of every weekend.

How do I get paid?

EXAMPE: If you bring 20 users to us and they subscribe to the monthly plan, you will get 50% of all their fees:  20 users x 0.1 ฿ * 0.5 = 1 ฿ / month . You will get ALL the payments share, every weekend after EVERY user you ever brought to us. So there is NO LIMIT, you will be payed after everyone.

Every user has unique BTC address to extend subscription time. When you bring new subscribers to us and payments re made, you can see them on the blockchain. We query every individual address and summarize the payments. After that we check your payout address, how much ฿ have we already sent to you, the difference is how much we still owe you.


Ohh... It seems you don't have any affiliates yet. If you want extra icome, please spread the word about our service! Go to the register page and use your affiliate link to bring new users to the site!


Payouts happen once we see that your affiliates has made a payment, please be patient since we do it manually. We will send your share to the address you entered below.